Club Competitive Rifle Shoot - Sunday May 15th - 12PM

This is the club's first centerfire shoot for the season.  Rifle setup and practice begins at 12PM and the shoot begins at 1PM.  For additional information about the shoot look at the bottom section of this page.

Club Silhouette Shoot - Saturday June 4th - 11AM
This is the club's 22LR silhouette shoot.  This is for 22LR rifle only. Sight-in begins at 11AM the shoot starts at 12PM (noon). For additional information about the shoot look at the bottom section of this page

Club Monthly Meeting - Thursday June 9th - 7PM
Monthly club meeting

Range information

Check the club calendar before heading out to use the ranges to verify they are open.  Rule of thumb is, if the club house is rented or there is an event being held on the club grounds the ranges are CLOSED.

Change to the Range Backboards

The club has changed the backboards on all the ranges.  Club members can either bring a cardboard piece that is cut to the dimensions of 18" x 24" or get one stored in the storage box located at the rifle range in the middle of the shooting bench area under the table top.  The cardboard piece will be placed in the new target mounts located in front of the dirt backstops.  Take your cardboard piece and place it against the 2x4's and turn the nails to hold the cardboard in place.  We ask that when you are done using a cardboard piece on the range that you place it back in the storage box.  Members can also bring their own cardboard piece if they wish to do so.

Range Regularly Scheduled Events

Saturday Monthly Silhouette Shoot

This is something new the club is going to do this year.  This is a 40 Target course and the shoot will be ran by Aaron Kohler.  It will cost $1 to shoot the course.  This is a non-competitive shoot, a.k.a. no winners or losers, it is a fun shoot to test your skill.   The shoot will be held on the 1st Saturday,  The shoot runs from May - October, Sight-In begins @ 11AM and the shoot begins at 12PM (Noon).  This will be held on the Rifle Range.  We will use 22LR rifles only at this shoot.  No other type of gun will be allowed.  This shoot is open to the public.

Sunday Monthly Competitive Centerfire Rifle Shoots

Centerfire rifle shoots are scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of each month starting in May through October.  This shoot is open to the public.  Registration/Practice begins @ 12PM and the shoot starts at 1PM.  The shoot is open to the public.  Contact Bob Saum @ 419-487-0826.

Upcoming Events


Gerry Snyder Memorial Trap Shoot (2015)
This was held on October 11 where 8 shooters participated in the program this year.  The winner of the traveling trophy with a score of 43 was Jeff  Chilton so congratulations to Jeff!  We wish to Gale Jordan and Noah Cline for taking care of the traps.

Fall Fish Fry (2015)
The club wishes to thank all that attended the fish fry this year.

Kids Introduction to Air Rifle (2015)
This was held on January 10th.  The weather was good and we a several kids show up to learn how to shoot an air rifle.  All enjoyed the opportunity to come out and learn something new.